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Barefoot Consultancy Ltd was founded in March 2011 when it was identified that there were gaps in the Kenyan hospitality sector especially in revenue management, eCommerce and training.Since then Barefoot has expanded its portfolio into strategic hospitality consultancy such as feasibility studies, operator search & selection, hotel asset sales and to areas outside of the industry such as trade.



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Revenue Management

Revenue management can be defined as selling the right product to the right customer at the right time for the right price through the right channel and here at Barefoot Consultancy, we’ve also added in the right manner.

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Asset Management

Asset management is a very interesting and developing service within hospitality. As asset managers we not only look at a hotel as a hotel, we look at the comprehensive asset where you have land, a building, an asset cycle, we also determine at which stage the whole development is within the cycle and how to maximise profitability based on a strategic asset improvement plan.

Hotel Management

The hotel industry is a rapidly changing landscape and consequently the success of a hotel is highly dependent on its management. Barefoot Consultancy’s approach to property management considers the business as an asset which needs to be strategically positioned in order to optimise performance for all stakeholders.





Preopening is a very critical time in a property development cycle, this is usually a stage between 12 – 6 months prior to where a lot of activities happen from procurement to recruitment, creation of brand standards, marketing and other requirements that need to be put in place in order to ensure the successful opening of the hotel. Barefoot Consultancy can provide support for these.

Having the right team is important in order to make sure the hotel succeeds from ensuring the guest are happy to making sure that even the returns required at the end of the month are there in order to meet the various loan obligations for the property and to satisfy all stakeholders. At Barefoot Consultancy, we recruit for senior management positions. We are specialists in Revenue management and reservation

This is all about getting the right people to partner with to manage the establishment that you have built and a lot of the contracts are long-term relationships from 5 to 25 years which for many people would be probably equated to a marriage as such one needs to make sure that they choose the right organisation or the right management company to partner with.

The intention of a feasibility study is to provide an invaluable tool which would provide the promoter with an indication whether a project is sound using the internal rate of return as the ultimate indicator of the viability of the proposed project. 

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