Preopening is a very critical time in a property development cycle, this is usually a stage between 12 – 6 months prior.

A lot of activities happen from procurement to recruitment, creation of brand standards, marketing and other requirements that need to be put in place in order to ensure the successful opening of the hotel. Barefoot Consultancy can provide support during this very crucial time. The scope of the Pre-opening services varies with the needs of the property and its stakeholders.

Some of our Pre-Opening services include, but are not limited to:

Property Audit

We review the physical development as it currently stands in order to determine the requirements to take the hotel to completion and opening.

Financial Services

Barefoot will draw up the OSE plan and preopening budgets. We can assist in the acquisition of the Operating Supplies and Equipment (OSE) deemed necessary or advisable for the operation of the facility.

Food & Beverage

This involves concept creation and programming design.


Working with the in-house Legal team to ensure all the relevant licenses and permits are acquire in a timely manner and contracts are executed.

HR,Training & Administration

We develop the hotel’s organization chart, define roles in the staffing plan and recruit the hotel team as required. we create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and ensure the relevant training is undertaken by the hotel team

Soft Opening & Grand Opening

Soft opening traditionally happens a few months prior to actual launch and will be used to test the hotel and align it to the grand opening.

Technical Services

Barefoot can provide oversight and advisory on operational activities during the property’s construction phase

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